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Uncommon "getting out there" tips

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Posted 11 January 2017 - 02:58 PM

You have to go for some irregular tactics nowadays when it comes to bringing traffic to your stream and building a network and community around it. The top spots are always filled and not often do you see a new streamer on a consistent uprise, instead you see the same streamers in each section day in and day out because they made a name for themselves years ago. You'll realize you have to be hardcore in getting yourself out there when you can scroll for hours in Twitch sections and still not reach the end.


All your actions has to be in the best interest of your streaming channel and you want to use whatever method you can to grow your channel. Even when they're far-fetched.


*Use hashtags on social media to increase your chances of getting interactions. While it's not likely to lead to a viewer, the fact that your content gets acknowledged by more and more people will build trust towards new people coming there to actually learn more about you and watch your stream. #Overwatch #Streaming #Twitchtv #Socialmarketing.


*Start a blog and blog about your everyday life and build organic traffic and use your blog as a landing page for your stream and social media. Continuity (posting regularly) with interesting content is ideal. Posting once every week can cut it, as long as you don't rush it and the outcome is bad. Besides I think everyone should have a blog, it can get you to place you couldn't imagine, and you'll improve a lot in writing and hopefully get you to know more people from that space who can give you shoutouts and expand your network.


*Streamers tend to create brand new social media accounts for their streaming identity while forgetting they can utilize their "real" ones too. It may not be so appealing to announce your cussing stream to your relatives on Facebook but if you have the guts and opportunity why not make a post about you streaming and when on your personal social media and anywhere else, you probably have a couple of hundred friends or followers and who knows, maybe there's a few followers and viewers to get out of that. Friends and family can help.


*Snapchat, it's funny and interactive but it'll be a struggle to get friends unless you have certain attributes. Nevertheless have it and make sure it's public, post funny shit, let people follow you in your life and meme up your social media (we see the Facebook and Instagram trends going on, even newspapers post memes to have people stick by their crap content - and sadly it works). Funny posts in general is a win because you never know, you might wake up to 4000 shares and 500 new followers on Facebook.


The grind is real with this one, I agree. Find your niche and make good selling points is where you'll have to strive to get at. If you're a dryball with an untouched Twitch bio then you're not really serious about becoming someone in the streaming world.

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