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Streaming platform launched officially on January 5th and has been expanding and innovating at a break-neck pace ever since.  They brought several of their own unique features to the market and put a heavy focus on community.  We've been following Beam's...

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Lift Gaming: 2016 Restructure Update

It's been about a year and a half since we launched Lift Gaming.  In that time, we've watched as Lift has morphed from an idea, to one of the leading website communities for aspiring content producers.  As we grow, we want to ensure that we stay focused on our initial...

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The crew over at has been busy!  Some of you may remember an interview I did with Matt Salsamendi, the CTO and Co-Founder of Beam.  We spoke at length about Beam's features and infrastructure, as well as future plans.  I was impressed with the service at the...

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Pros and Cons of Duo Casting Setups

Finding the best way to stream can be a difficult task to accomplish. Having more than one person in the studio and on the stream can make it even more overwhelming.  Here, we will delve into some of the techniques we have tried over the past couple of years, along...

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Pro Audio: Channel Strips, Preamps & Amps

In this guide, I hope to cover the role a microphone preamplifier plays in the audio signal chain as well as how to choose one, and what to look for. Before you read on, I’d just like to preface this guide by pointing out that, for most of you, a simple phantom power...

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Pro Audio: Part 3 – Mixers & Interfaces

If you’ve read through Parts 1 and 2, chances are you now need a way to get all of this analog gear into your PC. In this guide, I hope to outline two avenues for converting that audio chain into a digital signal through either interfaces or mixers. Depending on your...

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Why YouTube Subscribers Are Important

Welcome to the second article in my YouTube content and creation series! If you missed the first article, Creating Compelling Titles and Thumbnails be sure to check it out to get started in attracting viewers to your videos. In this article I'm going to discuss how to...

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Pro-Audio: Part 2 – Compressors & Dynamics

Just your friendly neighborhood audio engineer back to continue what we started in Part 1 where we covered some gear philosophy, microphones, and miking techniques. But a microphone is only half your sound. The other half – the key to tightening up your sound, keeping...

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Lift Gaming Celebrates One Year

Season's Greetings Lifters!  We wanted to let everyone know that as of January 1st, 2016, Lift Gaming will have been around for ONE YEAR!  It has been an amazing journey so far.  Bringing Lift from an idea to an actual platform over time has been a dream come true for...

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Harness the Power of CLR Browser

Learn how to easily manipulate code using notepad and the OBS plugin “CLR Browser”. This guide will walk you through an example animation, showing you how to create a cool animated scene for your stream.

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Joicaster: First Impressions

Lift Forum Community Member QbaMango takes an in-depth look at the new multistreaming service Joicaster and gives his first impressions on what Joicaster has to offer so far.

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