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Lift Gaming LogoLift Gaming is here to step up your game.  Whether you like playing games, are a streamer, or do both…Lift Gaming is your portal to an inclusive community.  We founded Lift Gaming because we wanted to create a friendly space for streamers and gaming enthusiasts to discuss their passions.  Lift Gaming serves three purposes: Connecting, Educating and fostering Discussion.

At Lift Gaming, we believe in power in numbers.  We want to help people connect with each other.  Lift Gaming is where gaming and streaming meet.  We want to help foster and promote positive streamers who have something to offer the community.  We want to help your channel take off.  We also want to help people connect with streamers and other viewers to share their thoughts and experiences.  We’re all here because we love gaming.

juju liveLift Gaming is a one stop resource for Gaming and Streaming.  We want to help elevate your skills, knowledge and enjoyment.  Whether you are a novice or a pro, Lift Gaming has you covered.  Maybe you want to learn to use OBS, set up your own stream or tweak your sound.  Maybe you’re curious how to take down that frustrating boss in Dark Souls.  Maybe you want to know what’s going on in the gaming industry.  We get it.  We’re streamers and we love gaming.  Lift Gaming is here to raise the bar.  This is a place to get your fix of both.  It is a two way street though, and  we want to learn from you too!

Lift Gaming is a forum to discuss all things streaming and gaming.  It is a place to debate the latest news, compare thoughts on brands of webcams and microphones.  We’re your loud-speaker to tell the world how brilliant The Last of Us was or why you think XSplit is the best streaming solution.  Wax poetic about your enjoyment of streaming and gaming.

Lift Gaming is OUR community.  So come meet some new streamers and swap notes about gaming and streaming.  Find some friends to hang out with on Twitch.  Let’s help Lift each other up and support one another.

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The Lift Staff is expanding! If you are interested in creating regular, quality content about the streaming and gaming community contact us! Staff members get their own page on Lift Gaming and more!

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