Just over a month ago, we covered the launch of Twitch’s HTML5 video player, a long awaited and much needed feature for the site. Initially slated for Q2 2016, the release of HTML5 was delayed until less than a week after Q2’s end. It began with Turbo users to test basic functionality while leaving out parts that were not essential nor ready for launch, like ad support (which Turbo users don’t see). Twitch promised the new player would expand to the general Twitch population by the end of the summer.

From BibleThump to PogChamp: Enabling HTML5 Video Player Beta.

For some, the wait is over. “We are expanding HTML5 access to thousands of new users! We will start with an initial set of users and gradually increase access over the coming months. If you are randomly selected to be part of the beta test, you will see an alert on the video player letting you know you have access to HTML5.”

Twitch promises “faster loading, more consistent video delivery. . . and fewer interruptions from overheating and battery drain thanks to HTML5 going easy on your CPU.”

Since this is a beta, Twitch cautions that you may experience bugs and issues that you should report with the “Give Feedback” button just under the HTML5 Player Beta button. For further information regarding HTML5, you can visit the guide here.

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