We covered the initial release of Cheering for select partnered channels back in June, a divisive feature that initially raised a lot of questions from the community. Due to demand from Partners not included in the launch, Cheering has entered open beta so that all Partners may opt-in. The open beta will begin on August 4th for US and UK Partners with the rest of Europe to follow by the end of August. Demand and language support will drive expansion to other countries beyond that.

Spreading the Cheer

Now that Cheering is entering this new stage of development, what can we expect in the future? “Since launch, we’ve made improvements including controls for Cheering in the Partner dashboard, a toggle for the Cheer Chat Badge, some new UX prototyped for EVO that we’ll refine and extend to other events, and UX optimizations you’ll see rolling out over the month of August. Next, we want to invest in ways for viewers to receive Bits via activities on Twitch, to make Cheering more accessible to everyone. We’ll start testing these ideas before TwitchCon.”


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