To host someone, tap the Gear icon, scroll down to the Host option and select it to host the channel you’re currently watching.

If you don’t know about Host Mode, it allows you to feature other broadcasters on your page so your viewers still have something to watch on your channel even when you aren’t live. Primarily, it’s used to promote content you enjoy, help support other streamers and remain connected with your community as you watch content, like game conferences and e-sports tournaments, together.

For mobile users, the option has been sadly absent since the feature was introduced. It’s now available to all iOS users with a slower roll-out for Android users. Simply update the Twitch app and you’re ready to host.




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Stemor 61
I'm Steven, better known by my online handle Stemor61. I've been active on Lift since joining in February 2015 and I was made a staff member in June 2016. I'm a community-driven streamer that plays a variety of titles, sometimes terribly and sometimes skillfully. My interests outside of gaming include PC hardware and craft beer. You can find my Twitch channel at

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