Streaming platform launched officially on January 5th and has been expanding and innovating at a break-neck pace ever since.  They brought several of their own unique features to the market and put a heavy focus on community.  We’ve been following Beam’s development here at Lift ever since their CEO and Co-Founder Matt Salsamendi dropped by our forums to chat about Beam.

Since then, we’ve interviewed Matt and reported on various changes over at Beam.  Many Lift Gaming streamers have embraced Beam and built fantastic communities on their platform.  I noticed Twitter was blowing up the other day with Beam mentions and came to find out that Microsoft had just acquired Beam for an undisclosed sum.

I can’t say I am surprised.  Beam has been debuting new features left and right lately, rapidly setting themselves apart from the many streaming services out there.  They recently won the Disrupt Cup at TechCrunch Disrupt NY, in addition to $50,000.  After hearing the acquisition news, I reached out to Matt Salsamendi via email to ask a few questions.

Lift Gaming:  How did the acquisition come about?

Matt Salsamendi:  I had the opportunity to meet up with Phil Spencer who heads up Xbox. From the very first meeting we had with them early this year, it was obvious that their mission to involve the community in their brand, and give consumers more choice aligned really well with ours. The rest is history.

So what does this acquisition mean for your staff and partnered streamers?

We now have access to a huge amount of resources to help us grow and support the amazing community of broadcasters on the platform. We’re super excited to add new members to the team, expand our infrastructure, and continue to be able to provide an amazing experience for broadcasters and viewers alike!

Will this acquisition affect people streaming from non-Microsoft platforms such as Sony’s PS4 or Nintendo based streamers?  Will anything change for them now that Microsoft is involved?

Nothing! We’re continuing to support Beam across the wide variety of platforms we do today. We have no intention of artificially limiting games or platforms from being present on the service.

What does the future hold now that Microsoft has acquired Beam?

The future is bright. I said in my blog post that this is just the beginning, and it really is. We now have the opportunity to take the amazing community and platform we’ve grown, and scale it way quicker than we’ve ever been able to before.

Where does Beam go from here?  We’ll have to wait and see.  With Microsoft’s renewed focus on community and Beam’s social interaction features, I think they are a great fit for each other.  Beam was doing a great job on their own, I can only imagine what they’ll be able to do with Microsoft’s backing and support.


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