Social Eating is a new category that allows streamers to interact with their communities while eating a meal, whether it’s taking a break from gaming or having a pizza party with subscribers. For viewers, Social Eating is another opportunity to chat with streamers they love — kind of like eating with your friends.”

This is no doubt influenced by the very popular South Korean practice of muk-bang as “many of [Twitch’s] Korean streamers have requested to make it a part of their content.” The Food category, like the Creative category, has seen a rise in popularity since its introduction and “Food streamers have expressed interest in not only cooking on Twitch, but being able to share meal time with their community afterwards.”

The Social Eating FAQ page provides some examples of the acceptable use cases. Obviously the guidelines mirror Twitch’s current Code of Conduct so broadcasting unhealthy and dangerous acts under Social Eating is forbidden. You can learn more about the category and its guidelines in the Social Eating FAQ page.

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