The Creative category is a pretty experimental one for Twitch as evidenced by its alien layout and wide array of allowable content. Whether it’s developing a game, putting together a costume to cosplay as an awesome video game character or any other artistic endeavor, the Creative category is an ocean. Like an ocean, it can be difficult to be found if you’re in the middle of it and Twitch wants to help.

Twitch’s Creative category home page

From the blog post: “One of the biggest challenges we’re trying to solve is broadcaster discoverability and ensuring that you can find the content you want to watch… we are updating the Creative directory to be a landing page for categories like painting, cosplay, music, and more. This is designed to help you discover new streamers that are creating the things you’re interested in.” At the heart of the directory change is the Spotlight feature which randomly selects streams from various Communities that viewers can vote on. The channel with the most votes in a given Community will be featured in the Spotlight for a short time.

Along with the Communities and Spotlight reveal, Twitch has announced a partnership with ArtStation, a “showcase platform for games, film, media & entertainment artists. It enables artists to showcase their portfolios in a slick way, discover & stay inspired, and connect with new opportunities.” You can link your Twitch and ArtStation accounts so when you stream in the #artstation Community, your channel will appear on ArtStation’s Streams tab.

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I'm Steven, better known by my online handle Stemor61. I've been active on Lift since joining in February 2015 and I was made a staff member in June 2016. I'm a community-driven streamer that plays a variety of titles, sometimes terribly and sometimes skillfully. My interests outside of gaming include PC hardware and craft beer. You can find my Twitch channel at

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