Channel Feed and comments in action.

Back in March,¬†Twitch rolled out the Channel Feed beta, a section of the channel page where broadcasters could post announcements, updates and news for their community. Up to this point, the community could only interact with Channel Feed posts with emotes. Now,¬†subscribers and friends will be allowed to comment on posts in the Channel Feed. For those concerned about the content of these comments, broadcasters and their¬†moderators will be able to delete comments they don’t want on their Feed.

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Stemor 61
I'm Steven, better known by my online handle Stemor61. I've been active on Lift since joining in February 2015 and I was made a staff member in June 2016. I'm a community-driven streamer that plays a variety of titles, sometimes terribly and sometimes skillfully. My interests outside of gaming include PC hardware and craft beer. You can find my Twitch channel at

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