Making a Twitch Clip is easy.

Twitch Clips was introduced in May for viewers to select thirty second sections from a stream to share quickly and easily. Clips may or may not have been in response to the growing popularity of Oddshot, a third-party service offering a similar feature. Until now, Clips has only been available on some partnered Twitch streams.

To make a Clip, all you need to do to use the Clip button on the video player or use the keyboard shortcut (Ctrl + X on PC; Alt + X on Mac) to start generating the clip then simply copy the link to share.



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Stemor 61
I'm Steven, better known by my online handle Stemor61. I've been active on Lift since joining in February 2015 and I was made a staff member in June 2016. I'm a community-driven streamer that plays a variety of titles, sometimes terribly and sometimes skillfully. My interests outside of gaming include PC hardware and craft beer. You can find my Twitch channel at

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