chilloverwatchFinding content you enjoy watching on Twitch has always been somewhat of a challenge. Whether you want a hype stream with all the bells and whistles or are looking for something more chill, finding the right stream for you just became a little bit easier.

Today Twitch released a major update to the Search functionality. This update includes a site-wide search for Games, Live Channels, Users, Videos and any combination thereof. All top results are updated live as you type and allowing you to search ‘More’ for a view of the complete list in that category.

Now you’re able to find that “chill overwatch” stream to spend the night in or any other stream you’re interested in. What does this mean to you as a streamer? Well the search function works off of your Username, Broadcast Title & Game, so be sure to include all relevant information to be found easily. For example, playing the new Witcher 3: Blood and Wine DLC, a title like “[PS4] Blood and Wine Shall Be Ours!” will bring people looking for a PS4 user playing the new expansion.

Easier discoverability for both broadcasters and viewers, enjoy!


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A photographer, dancer, adventurer and avid gamer. I enjoy a lot of different aspects of life, particularly those in the nerd spectrum. If you find yourself in my channel, I’ll be playing a variety of games from RPG’s to Shooters, or working on developing my own game which is planned to be released later this year! Feel free to swing by and chat with me!

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