Everyone has had to deal with a troll at some point in their Twitch broadcasting career.  Maybe they were spamming.  Maybe they suggested they had relations with your mother.  Maybe they were acting their shoe size instead of their age.  Point is, everyone has likely had to issue a ban or timeout at some point.  In the past, when someone was banned or timed out, their message would just read as “<deleted>”.  This could be confusing for other viewers.  Then, you end up having to explain WHY you banned that person for those that missed it or for those who didn’t understand the reason.

Well guess what friend? I have news for you: Twitch now allows you to add a reason when you issue a ban or timeout.  This way you can explain exactly why you issued the ban or timeout, both for the guilty perpetrator and the others in your chat.  It is a small feature, but a much needed one.  Any tool that allows you to put an issue behind you quicker is a huge asset.

To utilize this new feature, simply type your reason after issuing the /ban command.  So for example, you or your mod could type something along the lines of “/ban SuperBadJuJu bringing bad mojo to the chat” would show up in chat as “SuperBadJuJu has been banned from this room. Reason: bringing bad mojo to the chat”.  So polish your ban hammers, hold them high and ride off into battle against the troll army friends.  You have a new weapon in the fight for common decency.


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