Did you ever want to share a clip of a streamer who puts his face into a pie or shows how NOT to drive in Borderlands?

Now you can, in certain partnered streams. Click the button and it will create a clip of the previous 25 seconds and the upcoming 5 seconds.  The clip will be shown in a new tab.  From there, you can share your clip.  You get credit for creating the clip and the streamer gets extra promotion.

On Twitch Support there is a guide to help you get started.

In the coming weeks this feature will be rolled out to all streamers.  Twitch’s “Clips” feature joins Oddshot.tv and Plays.tv as yet another way to capture your favorite moments.

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Helixia is the name. Some years ago I started playing PC games and since then, I can't keep my hands off them! When gaming, I like to share my experience while I discover the game with everyone who comes along. Join me on my journey and visit me on Twitch at twitch.tv/helixia!

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