D&D typically stands for Dungeons & Dragons, a pen and paper tabletop roleplaying game.  For a few members of our Lift Gaming community however, their D&D campaign on Twitch became a Drinking & Dreaming session.

PokeYourEyesOutGames, MurderKlok, Rizorty and Morphos_XL came together on our forums to plan their game and had their first cast this past Tuesday.  They had a blast streaming their first session on Twitch, using Skype and D&D tool Roll20.net to enable them to play over the internet.  Morphos_XL in particular seemed to really be enjoying himself.  Towards the end of the cast, our gang of merry role players came to realize the mic belonging to Morphos had gone quiet…until the snoring started:


Edword Flabberjackson (The bearded half of the PokeYourEyesOutGames duo) did his best to cast a spell of resurrection on Morphos but Morphos having had “one drink” and been “very tired”, was down for the count.  Later that evening Rizorty uploaded the clip above to his YouTube and the next day Gergo Vas over at Kotaku embedded the video in an article he wrote about the hilarious D&D session.

At the time of this writing, the funny D&D Fail clip has been viewed over 350,000 times and shared on multiple platforms such as the /r/LivestreamFails subreddit.  I think part of the popularity has to do with the fun, light hearted nature of the play session.  It’s one of those situations where everyone involved can sit back and have a good laugh at what happened.  If anyone would like to view the full session, PokeYourEyesOutGames has it posted over at their YouTube.  To catch them live, follow this forum thread to find out their casting times and see what other things they have planned for their D&D campaign.  I’m sure Morphos_XL would appreciate people coming by in the chat to hang out and help keep him awake next session…

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