Lift Gaming Celebrates 1 Year!

Where have we been? Where are we headed?

Season’s Greetings Lifters!  We wanted to let everyone know that as of January 1st, 2016, Lift Gaming will have been around for ONE YEAR!  It has been an amazing journey so far.  Bringing Lift from an idea to an actual platform over time has been a dream come true for us.  We couldn’t have done it without the dedicated support of everyone in the community.  As a community we have published over 75 articles on the main page, made almost 20,000 forum posts and grew to over 800 users on the forum.  We’re overjoyed to see people embracing Lift.

Lift was founded on the idea that organic networking was a key component to growing as a content producer.  We noticed a lack of platforms for streamers and gaming video producers to meet and discuss their thoughts.  We also wanted to build a library of knowledge for those looking to get into Twitch, YouTube or other forms of content production.  We started Lift with a few articles written by our staff and a basic forum system.  Since then, our community has expanded our knowledge base with articles they have submitted as well.

Over Half a Million Pageviews



A few months after we launched, we realized that we really needed a proper forum system.  Our basic WordPress forum we were running was OK, but moving to something better would really benefit our community.  We decided that Invision Power Boards, while pricey, was the best system for us.  Features like private messaging, a calendar systemchat rooms and enhanced posting options were things we felt were crucial for our community to have.  Since moving to the new forums around March, our community has continued to thrive.

Working with members of our Lift List, we started The Lift Show.  The Lift Show is a weekly talk show where we discuss the latest streaming news as well as what’s new in the gaming world.  We also tackle various streaming topics such as dual streaming or keeping your viewers entertained.  We record live on Twitch, every Wednesday at 9pm EST.  We then upload it to YouTube and post it on our Lift Show website.  We bring on active members from our community as often as we can.


More than 20k posts

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Development on our site is an ongoing project.  We’re always adding new features and expanding.  We listen to feedback from our community and do our best to work with their ideas.  We added The Lift Community Spotlight as a result of your feedback as well as expanded our forums to accommodate YouTubers.  We’re looking to start doing more Lift Community events this year, like organizing small tournaments for popular games.  We’re working to engage with some game developers as well, so that we can leverage our power as a community to build mutually beneficial relationships. (Hint: New branding and site layout coming in 2016!)

One of our most recent additions to Lift is our new Discord Server.  Our Discord server is a great place to hang out with fellow Lift members and provides an easy to use voice chat system for use when playing games or streaming.  Drop by and say hello!

And the Most Popular Article of 2015 is...

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One thing we’ve always maintained was that you get out of Lift what you put into it.  We’re not a service that will make you internet famous.  We’re not promising anyone a partnership, more views or follows.  We’re a platform for people to network and discuss ideas.  A place for you to find others you can collaborate with.  Lift isn’t a community that will benefit the “hit and run” kind of person, the people who are just looking for a place to plaster their links, make one or two posts and move on.  Lift is a community that benefits those that stick around, get to know others in the community and participate in discussions.  Since coming to Lift, many people have seen their channels grow in popularity and bettered themselves as casters.  We didn’t do that.  They did.  They discussed their thoughts and ideas on the forums, collaborated with like minded people they met on Lift, posted articles, joined in on The Lift Show.  They leveraged the opportunities they found through Lift to grow their channel.  In doing so, they have also contributed to helping others do the same.  Lift is a community effort and our members have built something amazing here.

Thanks for making Lift Gaming what it is, Lift is a great community because of people like you.  All our growth this past year has been due to the articles you’ve written, forum interactions and word of mouth.  We have yet to start any kind of external promotion, outside of one reddit post.  All this growth is a direct result of your support.  Moving forward, we will be starting to advertise Lift and spread word of our inclusive community.  We look forward to growing Lift Gaming and seeing what the future holds.  Thanks for being one of our early supporters and for keeping Lift a friendly, positive, hard working community.

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