There are many Twitch chat bots out there. Twitch chat bots can moderate your chat and sometimes can create some fun in your channel.

After trying out Nightbot I came across AnkhBot and since that day, I’ve loved AnkhBot. I liked AnkhBot because it offers a lot of features and it is FREE!  Also the developer, AnkhHeart, is working hard on AnkhBot to make it better and add more features.

AnkhBot by AnkhHeart

AnkhBot by AnkhHeart

Features of AnkhBot:

  • Uptime and real life clock command
  • Automated host system
  • Commands and timed advertisements
  • Currency system
  • Give Away system
  • Mini games (heists, betting and a poll system)
  • Notifications for new followers/subscribers and hosters
  • Spam protection
  • And much more

To start using AnkhBot you need to connect your streamer+bot account.

Below, I explain how to connect your accounts:

Connect your bot account

  1. First make an account on Twitch for your bot (if you haven’t already)
  2. In the left corner click on Credentials > Bot login
  3. Fill in the name of (newly) created bot account
  4. Click on “Generate Oauth-Token” to create your Oauth-Token
  5. Fill in your username + password in the new window
    Authorize AnkhBot to your account
  6. Channel = the username of your streamer account
    Port: choose port 6667 or 443 (it does not really matter which one you choose)
  7. Keep “Server” and “Group server” at default and click connect
  8. Now your bot account is connected to AnkhBot!

Connect your streamer account

  1. In the left corner click on Credentials > Streamer login
  2. Fill in your username
  3. Click on “Generate Oauth-Token
  4. Login with your streamer account and authorize AnkhBot
  5. Click on Connect, and your streamer account is now connected

Connect your Google account (optional)

  1. Click on “Generate Temp Token” and login with your Google account
  2. Authorize AnkhBot and copy-paste to the “Temp Token” field
  3. Click on “Generate Oauth-Token” and click on “Connect”

I made a Youtube playlist explaining the features and how to use them:


Have fun and good luck with setting up AnkhBot.  If you have questions you can message me on Lift Gaming, Twitter, Twitch or reply on one of my videos.


Helixia signing out!

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