Hey there fellow streamers!  I recently discovered OBS Remote and I wanted to spread the word.  OBS Remote is an OBS plugin that allows you to remotely control OBS from another computer’s web browser or via the new OBS Remote android app for mobile!  OBS Remote seems to be restricted to local network use only, however, DeepBot has integrated OBS Remote functions.  Using DeepBot commands, you can allow your Mods (or even viewers if you enjoy anarchy!) to control your OBS scenes and sources.  But before we get into any of that, let’s talk about how to obtain and set up OBS Remote!

Setting up OBS Remote

Setting up OBS Remote is pretty easy, they have a fantastic guide on their site that will walk you through setting up and installing OBS Remote.  You can see the detailed guide and setup video over here.  Here is a quick breakdown of what you need to do:

  1. Make sure you have OBS version v0.50b or above installed.
  2. Go to this site and download the plugin for OBS.  I’d recommend using their Installer Executable.
  3. Run the downloaded installer and install the plugin.  (Ensure OBS isn’t running when you install).
  4. Open OBS and click the “Plugins” button.  If installed correctly, you should see “OBS Remote” listed.
  5. Click “OBS Remote” and choose “Configure“.  In the window that pops up, ensure “Use Password Authentication” is checked.
  6. In the box, type in whatever password you want to use to access your OBS client remotely.
  7. You are now ready to use OBS Remote!
Choose a password you will use to access OBS.

Choose a password you will use to access OBS.

Using OBS Remote

Ok! So now you have OBS Remote installed and ready to rock!  What can you do with it?  There are a few uses for OBS Remote.  Here’s a few examples:

  • Single PC Setup?  Use OBS Remote via the Android app so you don’t have to alt-tab to toggle OBS scenes, sources and volume.
  • Stream with a co-streamer present?  Let them run OBS for you with the OBS Remote web client via another PC on your network.
  • Want to let people in your Twitch chat control OBS?  DeepBot can let viewers and/or moderators control OBS via chat commands.  Besides allowing moderators to help out with OBS scene switching, you could do some pretty creative things with this integration.  For example, if you use a stream loyalty point system, you could use DeepBot to let a viewer “purchase” a scene swap or activate a source with those loyalty points.  So I could allow a viewer to spend 500 Mojo (my stream currency) to enable a “Cat Cam” camera source in OBS via typing the command “!CatCam” in chat.  Pretty nifty!

So how do you connect to OBS Remote?

To connect via web on a local network

  1. Go to http://client.obsremote.com/
  2. In the box, type in “localhost” if you are connecting from the same computer that is running OBS.  If you are connecting from another computer on the network, fill in the box with the IP Address or HostName of the computer that is running OBS.
  3. A password box will pop up after you hit “Connect“.  Punch in the password you chose when you set up OBS Remote earlier.
  4. You will now be able to control OBS via the web client!  Stream on!

To connect via the OBS Remote Android App

  1. Download the OBS Remote Android App on your mobile phone or tablet.  You can find it here or on the Google Play store by searching for “OBS Remote“.
  2. Fill in the box with the IP Address or HostName of the computer that is running OBS.
  3. Enjoy using your phone or tablet to control OBS!

To connect via DeepBot

Using the OBS Remote via DeepBot requires you be a DeepBot VIP user.  At the time of writing this, it costs $5 per month to be a VIP user.  For more info on VIP benefits and how to become one, go here.  If you don’t have DeepBot and want to know how to set it up, check out this guide.   Once you are all set and have DeepBot with VIP access, here is how to take advantage of the OBS Remote features:

  1. Open DeepBot and connect to your Bot and Streamer accounts.
  2. Navigate to the “Master Settings” by clicking the gear in the top right corner of the main DeepBot window.
  3. Scroll down the “General” settings and find “OBS Remote IP“.  If accessing OBS via the same PC type in “localhost”.  If you are accessing OBS on another PC, type in that PC’s IP Address or HostName.
  4. In the box next to “OBS Remote Pass” punch in the password you chose when you configured OBS Remote.
  5. You have now enabled OBS Remote access in DeepBot.
Fill in your OBS Remote IP and Remote Pass.

Fill in your OBS Remote IP and Remote Pass.

Now that you have OBS Remote enabled in DeepBot, you can create bot commands that control OBS.  To create a new command:

  1. Navigate to the “Channel Commands” tab in DeepBot.
  2. Choose “Add New“.
  3. Configure your new command.  Pick a name, choose who can activate it in “Access Control“.  In the “OBS Remote” section, choose the action you want the command to trigger.  In the “Scene/Source” box type in the name of the OBS scene or source you want to toggle.  Make sure the name is typed EXACTLY the same as it is listed in OBS.

Below, is an example of a bot command that I have set up to allow my moderators to enable my AFK screen in OBS.  If I have to leave the computer for a minute and forget to turn on my “Be Right Back” scene, my mods can switch it on via the “!break” chat command.  The bot will say “AFK Mode Activated” in chat when they do this.

Mods can type "!break" to switch to my AFK screen in OBS with this command setting.

Mods can type “!break” to switch to my AFK screen in OBS with this command setting.

Tips for making DeepBot OBS Remote Commands

  • Using “Access Control” you can pick who can activate your commands.
  • If you have a loyalty point system, you can make it so activating the command costs loyalty points. This is useful if you have fun scenes or something like a “Cat Cam” you want to let the audience activate.
  • Using the “Cooldown” feature you can make it so the command can only be toggled every X seconds, where X is the number you choose.  Useful to prevent command spam.
  • Using “Command Chaining” you can set it so that after X seconds, another command runs.  Useful for situations where you want the switch to be temporary.  Using my cat cam example, you could chain a command to disable the cat cam after 2 minutes.  So after 2 minutes, a !EndCatCam command will run and toggle the cam off.

Enjoy your new OBS Remote!

I hope this has helped you set up OBS Remote and given you some fun ideas of how to use it.  The DeepBot integration is awesome, I’m still brainstorming ideas for how to use it in my stream.  Let me know how you’ll be using OBS Remote in the comments! Thanks for reading my guide and happy streaming!

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