DAMN.  Where to even start?  The hype train is blasting full steam ahead and shows no sign of slowing down.  I expected this E3 to be fairly tame considering we didn’t have the excitement of new consoles and had already had a taste of what “next gen” games were.  Boy was I wrong.  For your easy viewing, here’s a collection of the best trailers and reveals from E3:

Horizon: Zero Dawn

Sony surprised us with a new game from Gorilla Games, the developer behind the Killzone series.  It looks jaw droppingly gorgeous, like Gorilla Games squeezed every drop of power out of the PS4.  The game has a cool concept, pitting humans against well…robot dinosaurs.  They showed some gameplay of the player (a woman with a bow) taking down a hulking robo-dino using the bow to tether it to the ground and bring it down.  I’ll be keeping my eye on this one.

The Last Guardian

Sony kicked off their conference with this mythical game and damn near broke the internet.  The Last Guardian has been teased for years, starting life as a PS3 game.  Viewed as a spiritual successor to Shadow of The Colossus, this game has had Playstation fans salivating for far too long.  It’s the Sony equivalent of Valve’s Half Life 3.  Seeing this trailer and its 2016 release date was like seeing Big Foot riding the Loch Ness Monster.

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst

EA gave us a taste of the upcoming Mirror’s Edge game.  While originally expected to be a sequel, it turns out this is protagonist Faith’s origin story.  It will give us a closer look at Faith and the road she traveled to become who she is.  It also looks like they ditched the previous game’s comic book cut scene panels for fully motion captured cut scenes.  Oh, it also takes place in a large open world city with no load screens or separate levels.  I can’t wait to parkour my way across the roof tops.

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End

Sony closed out their conference with more gameplay from the upcoming final installment of the Uncharted series.  As always, the game looks beautiful.  Naughty Dog knows how to make a detailed, realistic world.  They also know how to make some of the craziest, unrealistic action sequences.  I was happy to see that the Uncharted series maintained its over the top, explosive set pieces.  In the trailer, we are treated to an insane car chase that would be at home in one of the Fast and Furious movies.  I was worried that with a title like “A Thief’s End” the series would turn dark and sullen, but this video put those concerns to rest.

Star Wars: Battlefront

EA heard our cries and finally gave us a taste of the Battlefront gameplay.  This trailer was recorded from a PS4 and looks stunning.  I was happy to see that this seems like a fully realized Star Wars game with an attention to detail and authenticity.  It wasn’t the re-skinned Battlefield I feared it would be.  Just listen to the X Wings and Tie Fighters zipping about!  Also, it will have split screen co-op!  May the Force be with you.


This game came as a surprise!  Debuting during the XBox conference, ReCore is a game from Keiji Inafune (of Mega Man fame) and the creators of Metroid Prime.   We don’t know a whole lot about it, but the trailer looks cool, featuring a robo-dog and a space-wanderer type protagonist.  With the names associated with this game, I expect it to be stellar.  Check out the trailer.

Gears of War 4

I’ve never played any of the Gears of War games, but watching this trailer makes me want to check them out.  It’s dark, gritty and looks to offer plenty of over the shoulder alien-bug killing you can ask for.  The atmosphere alone makes it worth checking out.

Forza 6

It’s Forza.  Enough said.  If you like cars and own a Playstation you play Gran Tourismo.  If you like cars and own an Xbox you play Forza.  Forza 6 looks to continue offering you superb, realistic racing with plenty of stats and gear to tweak.

Mad Max

Avalanche Studios (Just Cause) is bringing us a Mad Max game.  Fury Road managed to surprise everyone by actually being decent and I suspect this game will be one of the few movie licensed games to buck the trend and actually be good.  I mean, post-apocalyptic tricked out death cars and crazy spike dick armor…what’s not to like.  Look at this trailer!

Dishonored 2

After leaking Dishonored 2’s existence by accidentally broadcasting an E3 conference rehearsal to Twitch, Bethesda still managed to surprise people with this trailer.  Graphically, the game looks leaps and bounds better than the original and the game takes place in an open city.  With new enemies, powers and a new protagonist, Dishonored 2 looks like a blast.  I can’t wait to see how many ways I can creatively assassinate someone.


I’d heard rumblings about Doom being in development hell.  Id Software scrapped the original Doom reboot they were making.  So I was unsure what to expect before seeing this trailer.  Now, I know to expect an over the top, beautifully violent romp through hell…waist deep in demon scum just waiting to be shot full of holes.  The classic shotgun makes a return along with the fan favorite chainsaw and Big Fucking Gun.  The gunplay looks slick and the animations are smooth as hell.  As always, the soundtrack appears to be stellar as well.

Fallout 4

Oh yes.  Fallout 4.  We got a bigger glimpse of what’s to come when Fallout 4 releases THIS NOVEMBER.  Initial concerns of graphical fidelity seem moot now that we know they made sacrifices to enable a full, in depth crafting system.  You can craft weapons, armor, bases…hell, you can even craft entire CITIES to populate.  Not to mention we no longer have a silent protagonist!  This looks to be the most immersive Fallout yet and I can’t wait to explore post-apocalyptic Boston with my trusty Fallout Dog by my side.

Final Fantasy 7 REMAKE

I don’t think I have to explain this one.  This ain’t the HD remaster they teased us about last year.  It’s the real deal.  People were dancing in the isles.


The dude presenting this game damn near burst out crying during the presentation.  I don’t blame him, this game is unbearably cute.

Mass Effect: Andromeda

I was hesitant to include this here, as it doesn’t give us a whole lot to go on…but damnit, it’s Mass Effect!  Plus, now we have a name: Andromeda!  We also know we have to wait until Holiday 2016 now too.

Southpark: Fractured But Whole

The reveal for this was a huge surprise, as Trey Parker and Matt Stone had said they would never make another game again after The Stick of Truth barely made it out of developmental hell.  Still, here they are!  I love that they acknowledge criticism of their previous game in the trailer, commenting on its combat system and proclaiming they won’t stop until they get a 9.5 from Gamespot.  It’s going to be interesting ordering a “Fractured Butthole” from the dude at your local retailer.

Halo 5: Guardians

We got another taste of the upcoming Halo game from 343 Industries.  With some big names attached to the campaign, it looks to be quite a wild ride.  They also debuted some more multiplayer gameplay, which you can find here.  343 dropped the ball with The Master Chief Collection, lets see if they can set things right with this release.

Kingdom Hearts 3

While I’ve never played much of the Kingdom Hearts series (let the hate mail start flowing), I’ve heard nothing but good things.  Judging by the audience reaction, I’d say people are excited.  This game has been teased for quite some time and it’s good to see some gameplay here.  I love the art style!

For Honor

Ubisoft opened with this gem right here.  It looks like a mashup between Chivalry and Dynasty Warriors almost.  For Honor is a multiplayer combat game that features Samurai, Viking and Knight factions.  You slug it out online in big PVP matches with an army of NPCs and other players at your side.  Graphically, the game looks polished, much better than I would expect for a game of this type.  I applied to get into the beta, I’ll keep you posted on this one!


Of all the sports games EA trotted out, FIFA 16 seemed to be the one that really shook things up.  They really tweaked the formula and also introduced Women’s teams for the first time which is a pretty significant development for the franchise.


We heard about this before E3 and the trailer doesn’t disappoint.  XCOM 2 will be a PC only release, as developer Firaxis felt they couldn’t do everything they wanted to do on consoles.  I absolutely loved the last XCOM from Firaxis as they managed to remain faithful and please both old and new players alike.  I can’t wait to name all my soldiers after my friends and weep over their corpses after I send them to their permanent death.

Star Fox Zero

Nintendo kind of blew their hype by running this spot first.  The rest of their conference failed to live up to the hype that this trailer brought.  Not to say the rest of their conference was bad, there were some solid games debuted…but come on, how do you top Star Fox?  Just look at this!  It reminds me of the excellent Star Fox 64.

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

Square Enix hit us with a new trailer showing both cinematics and gameplay for Deus Ex: Mankind Divided.  The game looks every bit as awesome as Human Revolution.  Mankind Divided picks up the story in a world where augmented people are segregated and looked down upon after the events of the previous games.  I’m really looking forward to this one.

Dark Souls 3





Other Big E3 2015 Announcements


  • The HoloLens from Microsoft looks really friggin’ cool.  They did a demo where they showed someone playing Minecraft with it, interacting with a “hologram” created by the HoloLens’s augmented reality.  Using these goggles, someone can play Minecraft in 3D, right on their kitchen table!  It seems nifty and unlike VR, you are aware of your (augmented) surroundings.  This could be really cool.
  • Microsoft also announced that the Xbox One will now be backwards compatible with Xbox 360 games via a software solution.  Not all games will be compatible but they will strive to ensure as many as possible function as intended on the Xbox One both natively through the disc drive and digitally via Xbox Live.  You won’t have to pay to play games you already own.
  • Microsoft also announced a new “Elite” controller model.  It offers tons of “pro” features such as swappable components, button remapping and sensitivity adjustments.  It has stainless steel triggers and additional hair trigger buttons on the back.  It will also work with your PC!  It will retail for around $150, which seems high at first, but the price is actually in line with similar offerings from third parties.


  • Part of Sony’s one-two opening barrage was the announcement of Shenmue 3 right after The Last Guardian.  Now this announcement was a bit different, as they were promoting a Kickstarter campaign for Shenmue 3.  The traffic to Kickstarter crashed the page.  They made $2.5 million in a matter of a few hours, having asked for $2 million.  To say people are excited is an understatement.
  • Sony hyped up their ala carte cable channel service, Playstation Vue.  It looks to be a viable option for cord cutters everywhere.


Other Announcements

  • Bethesda hyped up modding tools for both Fallout 4 and Doom.  It looks like some of the mods will be cross platform as well, created on PC and shared on console.  After the colossal screw up with Valve and Bethesda’s paid mods store, this was a smart move.  It’s nice to see consoles be able to take advantage of the mods too!
  • The rest of Ubisoft’s conference was rather predictable after their big Southpark: Fractured But Whole reveal.  They showed some great looking Rainbow 6: The Siege gameplay and brought out another painfully scripted (but fun looking) The Division demo.  It also looks like Ubisoft has applied their typical open world formula to the Ghost Recon series, debuting Ghost Recon: Wildlands.  The trailer was cool, but I’ll remain skeptical of the game until I’ve had some time with it.
  • EA hit us with all their yearly sports games, which look like…all their other sports games.  FIFA was the only sports game that really stood out to me.  They also showed us Plants Versus Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 which looks to be a fun multiplayer title for a broad audience.  I can’t say I was too impressed with their Need for Speed game, it felt like they put a focus group together to determine what kids these days find to be “hip” and “edgy”.  Still, the NFS games are usually fun regardless how cheesy the “story” is.
  • Square Enix hit us with a new Hitman game, titled simply: Hitman.  It looks like a solid, if unsurprising, game.  They also showed us a new project they are working on called “NieR”.  NieR has some big names involved, one of which is Platinum Games who is known for their amazing fighting games.  We also have another cutesy Final Fantasy title on the way called World of Final Fantasy.  Last but not least, we saw more of the timed Xbox exclusive Rise of The Tomb Raider.


These are the announcements that stood out to me, I’ll be adding to this list as E3 continues.  Did I hit all the high points?  What else are you looking forward to?  Let me know in the comments!

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