1. Intro + About The Lift Show
  2. Lift List Check In
  3. Streaming as a career: How do you do it? What other opportunities should someone look out for? How do you monetize?
  4. “Extra” stuff like points, minigames, song request: Benefits and Drawbacks.
  5. OBS Vs. Xsplit – What do you prefer and why?
  6. Dealing with needy / demanding viewers: How do you handle these non-trolls that cause friction in your channel?
  7. Variety Streaming: When should you move on from a successful or unsuccessful game?
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Founder at Lift Gaming
I enjoy sharing strategy, stories, and interacting with The Lift Community! Working on this site as well as my full-time job and 2 kids keeps me busy. My other hobbies include cars and yard work. Check out The Lift Show at Twitch.tv/LiftGaming

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