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1. YouTube Live, Hitbox and Twitch. What do we want from new services, what are the benefits to streaming on other platforms.

2. What are the best ways to work with other streamers? How can you support your fellow streamer? Is it competition or is it power in numbers?

3. Advertisers are finding unique ways to use Twitch, what are your thoughts: and

4. What do you look for when looking for new streamers to watch? What makes you click a channel in the first place, what makes you stay?

5. How do you monetize a stream? How do you make a living as a gaming personality? When should you do this?

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I enjoy sharing strategy, stories, and interacting with The Lift Community! Working on this site as well as my full-time job and 2 kids keeps me busy. My other hobbies include cars and yard work. Check out The Lift Show at

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