Audio is an important part of any stream. It’s half of what you’re sending out to people along with your beautiful face when you stream. Oh! And the gameplay! It can be the deciding factor between whether someone watches you or not. Is your audio a good enough quality? People will leave if there’s a clear lack of effort put into your production. Are the volumes all level and is your voice in the forefront? It’s never fun watching someone play a game with their music blaring and you can hardly hear them or the game. They get lost in both the mess of their production and Twitch, never to be heard from again!

But not you! You want to stand out and take control of your stream! You want to be able to control every detail and every aspect of every sound that comes from your computer and is sent to the stream! Okay, that’s a bit excessive but Voicemeeter Banana can aide you in that quest as a universal virtual audio mixer. Voicemeeter Banana allows you to connect all of your audio sources together while still being able to control them all separately within one application.

Here’s a quick guide to setting it up along with a few tips to help work your way through the interface.

Installing Voicemeeter Banana

Voicemeeter Banana (VB) is a donationware program, meaning you pay what you want for it. You can download and use the program completely free without any obligation or restrictions, only being reminded to donate on start up every few weeks.

Setting Up Voicemeeter Banana

Once you have VB installed, follow this quick guide to setting up your sound playback devices and connecting it all together through OBS and Xsplit.

Tips For Using Voicemeeter Banana

Double Click: Double clicking on any setting resets it to default. Useful for resetting FX, modulations, or volumes.

Right Click: Opens up a handful of other features within VB.


With this simple guide to setting up Voicemeeter Banana you’re now set for some real fun! But I won’t spoil you yet! Take some time to get Voicemeeter Banana working properly and familiarize yourself with it’s interface. In the next guide I’ll explain how to split your media sources from your system sounds, allowing you to control what your stream can and can’t hear. A great way to use Voicemeeter Banana is choosing whether or not you want the audience to hear your music or even playing music ONLY the audience can hear!

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