Following my previous article on setting up Voicemeeter Banana with OBS and XSplit, you’re now ready to have some real fun and take advantage of the versatility that having an audio mixer gives. There are still some final steps you need to take in setting playback devices for various media players and communication programs. You’ll also need to utilize a virtual audio cable. This will allow you control over all inputs and outputs to your broadcast through Voicemeeter Banana.


Here’s a guide to setting up playback devices among commonly used programs.


Install Virtual Audio Cable

VB-Audio offers a free virtual audio cable. After installation it will be available as a new playback and recording device, and can be set as a default device.


Setting Playback Devices

After installation of the virtual audio cable you’re ready to set up your playback devices in various applications. Follow this short video which will guide you through the process.


Common Configurations

Windows Media Player: Organize > Options > Devices. Select Speakers > Properties and change the playback audio device to VoiceMeeter VAIO.


VLC: Audio > Audio Device and select VoiceMeeter VAIO.


TeamSpeak 3: Settings > Options > Playback and set Playback Device to CABLE Input (Virtual Cable).


Skype: Tools > Options > Audio Settings and set Speakers to CABLE Input (Virtual Cable).


Controlling What The Stream Hears

Now that you have playback devices set between your applications you are ready to control what you’re sending to the broadcast. Remember in the previous guide that we have all of our channels being ran on B1. If you don’t want the stream to hear something, whether that be your mic, music or Skype conversation, turn off B1 on that channel. Likewise, you can leave B1 on for a channel and turn off A1 (your speakers). This way you won’t have to listen to music but it’s still being sent to the stream on B1 for them to listen.



With this guide you’re now set to have full control over the audio in your stream using Voicemeeter Banana as your software audio mixer. Any application that allows you to change the audio playback device can be set up to run through Voicemeeter Banana on it’s own channel. Hopefully you found this helpful and it will aid you in your streaming adventures!

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