Despite no word on official refunds, it appears that some online retailers such as Newegg and Amazon have been offering partial or full refunds (past the normal refund window) to customers who purchased the NVIDIA GTX 970 graphics cards.  Word has it Overclockers is refunding cards from certain add-in board partners as well.



This seems to be a case by case basis though, with some people on various forums claiming that they were denied partial or full refunds.  I’m curious what NVIDIA’s response to this will be, so far they have remained rather tight lipped outside of their initial explanation that it was an intended design feature, not a mistake.  Is this a warranted refund situation or is it people simply taking advantage of the current scandal to get some money back?  On one hand, the GTX 970 still benchmarks very well and is a great deal.  On the other, it was sold on half truths.  The segmented VRAM certainly does impact performance in certain situations, if only by a few percent, confirmed by NVIDIA.  A class action lawsuit alleging false advertising was filed against NVIDIA earlier this week.

We’ll have to keep an eye on this to see how it all plays out, but if you’re feeling burned by NVIDIA this may be at least a partial remedy.  I think it’s great that these vendors are stepping in to take the bullet for NVIDIA, if only in some cases.  It’s certainly not the vendor’s fault.  AMD has been quick to capitalize on the situation by releasing several “When we say 4gb, we mean 4gb” advertisements and taking jabs at NVIDIA on social media.  We’ll see in March what AMD has up it’s sleeve.

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