More NVIDIA Problems?

As if NVIDIA needed any more bad press after the GTX970 debacle (which there is still no word on compensation), here they are again in the news for what some are calling shady practices and “feature removal”.  When the 900m (mobile) series GPU’s came out, owners were able to overclock the cards to squeeze some extra performance out.  By all accounts the new Maxwell architecture was super power efficient and had decent overclocking headroom, even on laptop chips like the 970m and 980m.

Overclocking Software by MSI

Overclocking Software by MSI

However, the recently released R347 Drivers by NVIDIA removed the ability to overclock the 900m series GPUs.  People originally flocked to the Geforce forums to report the “bug” and instead found out that the drivers were working as intended.  I imagine it must have been a bummer to be enjoying a 10% performance boost and install new drivers that not only removed it, but locked you out from doing it again.  The odd thing is, like I stated earlier, Maxwell is a great architecture for overclocking!  I know several brands like ASUS’s ROG line advertise overclocking as a feature of their laptops.  I wonder how they will react to this?

While it’s great that NVIDIA wants to prevent someone from melting their laptop, I can’t help but feel this is an overreach on their part to step in and remove this feature that plenty of people were using responsibly.  Overclocking mistakes are our mistakes to make.  People would be complaining if they locked up overclocking off the bat….this was worse because it WORKED and people saw that it WORKED and then NVIDIA came in and removed the ability via drivers.

Hopefully NVIDIA gets it’s act together this year.  In my opinion the biggest issue so far hasn’t been the hardware and problems, but HOW NVIDIA responded to the problems.  Their PR efforts could use some work for sure.  It looks like there is some work arounds already available to re-enable overclocking in the NVIDIA Geforce GTX 900m series cards so we will see what happens from here.  One thing is for sure, NVIDIA has it’s hands full with TWO sets of angry customers at the moment.

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