Since Twitch started muting past videos that had music in them, the community has been looking for an easy way to play music on-stream that doesn’t violate copyright. To help with this Twitch has officially announced two new music initiatives: the Twitch Music Library and the beta Music category.

The Twitch Music Library (hosted at, is a library of songs pre-cleared for Twitch broadcasters to use live and with VODs (past broadcasts/highlights). As you may recall, we implemented an audio recognition system last year out of respect for copyright holders and to protect both our broadcasters and our brand. We knew it was equally important to ensure broadcasters had music options. Thus, the Twitch Music Library was born to offer safe passage through the less-than-clear legal landscape when it comes to audio rights.

The Twitch Music Library features more than 500 songs provided by established and burgeoning labels, including Mad Decent, Dim Mak, Spinnin’ Records, OWSLA, Monstercat, Fool’s Gold, and many more.

While you most likely won’t find your favorite artists or a library as deep as Spotify, it is very nice to be able to play background music with worry of being muted.

Additional Notes on Twitch Music Library

The Twitch Music Library is a list of tracks that have been made available on a royalty-free basis to Twitch broadcasters for use exclusively on the Twitch platform within broadcasters’ video streams. These tracks are able to be used in both live broadcasts and VODs on Twitch. These tracks are to be used explicitly in conjunction with a broadcaster’s video streams on Twitch. Twitch’s Rules of Conduct and Terms of Service still apply.

Twitch will maintain the list of tracks as best as possible on an ongoing basis. We may remove tracks from the Twitch Music Library; however, your existing recorded videos that may include these tracks will remain available with the complete audio intact. If a track is removed from the list, only future video recordings containing that track will be subject to Twitch’s audio recognition system.

Remixes and alternate versions of tracks may not always be cleared, so please reference the exact tracks in the Twitch Music Library.

​The music playlists found on have been made available for your listening pleasure. Some of the playlists may be created and maintained by third parties and best efforts have been made to ensure that the music tracks included in them remain comprised of only the music listed as freely available and cleared for Twitch broadcasters to use.

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