So the big news going around today is that NVIDIA oversold the specs on the GTX 970.  There’s a lot of technical mumbo jumbo being discussed but the gist is this:  Not all of the “enabled” ROPS on the GTX 970 are actually ACTIVE.  So while the tech sheet sent to reviewers said there were 64 ROPS, it is actually closer to 56 in reality.  The L2 Cache is also segmented to work in tandem with the VRAM…which is segmented into 3.5GB and 512mb.  The 3.5gb can’t be accessed when the 512mb segment is being used.  When a game uses the whole 4gb of VRAM, both partitions can’t be accessed at the same time and slowdown occurs as the memory controllers access both segments alternately.


Now, while the awesome benchmarks shown in reviews still stand, people are understandably upset that the card they bought was not as advertised.  Personally, I don’t really care that the 64 ROPs are actually 56.  What bothers me is the notion that this card does NOT make EFFICIENT use of the full 4GB of VRAM.  With more and more games these days requiring higher VRAM and 1440p or 4K resolutions becoming more attainable, things like this really matter.  I feel really bad for people who purchased these cards to use with 1440p or 4k resolutions and are finding out their purchase may not be what they thought they were buying.  I still believe the GTX 970 is a great card, but I’m more hesitant to recommend it for resolutions above 1080p.

Will NVIDIA Compensate GTX 970 Customers?

I’m disappointed NVIDIA didn’t come clean about this sooner.  They claim this whole ordeal was caused by a mix up between their marketers and their engineers…but it’s been months and there have been dozens if not hundreds of reviews…how did they not catch the errors or think that this information might have been important for the consumer to know?  I’m curious to see how this will play out, I wouldn’t be surprised to see a class action lawsuit over the whole ordeal.  At the very least, I feel that NVIDIA owes customers who bought the GTX 970 some sort of refund or compensation.  I’m also curious how AMD will handle this, as the PR war between AMD and NVIDIA has been pretty heated as of late and I’m sure this will be more fuel for the fire.

Source: NVIDIA Geforce Forums


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