There are many ways to do follow notifications on Twitch, but I personally like to use Nightdev’s solution “Follower Alert”.  It’s simple and easy to set up.  If you want something fancier, it offers customization as well.  It also makes use of a great plugin every Twitch caster should have, called CLR Browser.  CLR Browser lets you display web elements on stream.  People have used CLR Browser to overlay Twitch chat and to display their Twitter feeds on stream.  After setting up OBS, go ahead and read on below:

How to Set Up Follow Notifications for Twitch (using OBS)

First things first, head over HERE and click “Install for OBS”.  A window will pop up that looks like the image below.

Click "Download".  Make note of where you saved the file.

Click “Download”. Make note of where you saved the file.

Go ahead and click “Download” and save the file somewhere you can navigate to easily.  Next, go there and open the .Zip file by double clicking it.  You will have to extract the file first, so do that now.  Extract it somewhere you can find easily.

Step Two

Hit “Extract all files” and extract somewhere you can navigate to easily.


Next, navigate to where you extracted all the files from the .Zip file.  Open the folder and find “install.bat”.  Make sure OBS is not running and go ahead and RIGHT click the file and choose “Run as Administrator” from the drop down menu.  The file will install itself (You may not see much happen on screen).

Right click "install.bat" and choose "Run as administrator".

Right click “install.bat” and choose “Run as administrator”.

For good measure, reboot your computer now.  Return HERE and hit “Install for OBS” again.  Hit “next” on the window that pops up.  You should now be looking at a window that looks like the one below.

Put your name in the box.

Put your name in the box.

Under Twitch Channel, put your username.  Make sure you put only your username in that box and not your full Twitch address.  In my case, I put SuperBadJuJu in the box.  Next, pick an alert style.  For the purpose of this tutorial, choose “flat” or “stacked”.  Also, pick a color.  If you wish a sound file to play, you will need to upload one.  It needs to be OGG format.  If you have an MP3 or WAV file you wish to convert, head HERE and use their free conversion service to convert to OGG format.  Also, be sure the sound’s length is 10 seconds or less.

Convert sound to OGG if needed.

Convert sound to OGG if needed.

Assuming all went well, when you hit “Next” you should be looking at the following screen:

Your URL should have been generated if done right.

Your URL should have been generated if done right.

Highlight the URL they gave you, making sure not to highlight any extra blank spaces and right click it.  Choose “Copy” from the drop down menu.  Go ahead and open OBS.  Under “Sources” right click and select “Add” and then “CLR Browser”.  Name it “Notification” or whatever you please.  This window should then pop up:

Paste the URL you generated on the Nightdev site into the URL box.

Paste the URL you generated on the Nightdev site into the URL box.

Go ahead and paste the URL you generated into the URL box.  You can right click and choose “Paste” or hit Control+V to paste as well.  Next, make sure you change the “Width” box to “580” and the “Height” box to “110”.  Hit “OK” and then hit “Preview Stream”.  When the preview pops up, hit “Edit Scene” and select your CLR Browser you added to “Sources”.  You should see a red highlighted box in your preview, this is where your pop-up notification will be.

Move CLR Browser where you want it.

Move CLR Browser where you want it.

Move the box where you want your notification to show.  Also, ensure it is higher in the “Sources” list than your game and webcam, as you don’t want it popping up BEHIND them.  You can right click it, choose “Order” and then “Move to Top” to ensure it will be in front of everything else.

Congrats! You Set Up CLR Browser to Display Follow Notifications!

You can safely close the Nightdev site now (Unless you want to add custom CSS commands, but if you knew how to do that I would guess you wouldn’t be reading this guide).  If you wish to test your notification out, you can enable “Preview Stream” and right click your CLR Browser under sources and add the following text to the end of the URL:  &preview=true

When you hit “OK” after adding the preview string to your URL, your notification picture should pop up and the sound should play.  Be sure to delete &preview=true from the end of your URL before going live.  Also, be mindful about your alert volume.  The noise I use is fairly loud and if I forget to turn down the OBS volume slider in the Windows Volume Mixer, it scares the bajeezus out of me and blows out everyone’s ear drums.  Of course, I could just upload a lower volume clip…

Thanks for scoping this guide out and I hope this helped aid you in getting your notifications set up.  CLR Browser is a versatile tool, if you google around there are some other great uses for it!  Also, be sure to add CLR Browser as a source for each scene you will be using.  You need to manually configure it for each additional scene.

Best of luck in your streaming endeavors!



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