Hey there everybody! I’m SuperBadJuJu and this is my analysis of some of the most popular chat bots available.  Before we get started though lets answer two questions:

What is a Twitch Chat Bot?

A Twitch Chat Bot or Chat Bot for short, is a third party program or service that automatically performs certain tasks on your behalf to make your life as a streamer easier. A bot that you set up to moderate your chat could automatically delete spam or offensive words from your chat. Maybe you want to raffle off an item, a chat bot could track entries and randomly pick a winner. If you want to let your viewers pick some music for your stream, a chat bot can process their selections and play the requested songs. Chat bots are versatile pieces of software that can be as complex or simple as you need. Chat bots are perfectly fine to use, Twitch will not ban you for using them. Many large streamers use chat bots. Chat bots are not to be confused with viewer bots however, which fake views on your behalf and can result in problems.

Do I need a Chat Bot?

This is a harder question to answer. I think most channels could use the assistance of a bot, but I also feel that you need to consider both your audience and your goals when picking which features to use. As a new streamer, you may not have people available to moderate your channel every time you are live. Most people can use a chat bot to help clear spam or offensive content. However, do you really need a bot running mini-games or song requests if you have a small channel? Would the bot distract from the theme of your channel? While I feel almost anyone can make use of the chat moderation features, I don’t think some of the extra features are needed for everyone. The last thing to consider when debating getting a bot, is that some of the bots cost money to use or customize. I would personally recommend trying some of the free bots out first and then deciding if moving to some of the paid bots or paid features are worth it for you. Spend some time in channels who use bots as well to get a feel for how audiences interact with them. Most streamers don’t mind telling you which bot they are using if it is not readily apparent.


So you know what a Chat Bot is and have decided to get one.  What are your options?

There are many chat bots available to you. You can even make your own if you have the scripting or programming skills. The top three bots I would personally recommend are DeepBot, MooBot and Nightbot. As far as I am aware, you can even use all 3 bots at once if you feel you want to. Below is a list of each bot’s features and a short analysis. Clicking each bot name will take you to their affiliated website.


The DeepBot Software

The DeepBot Software

  • Requires $10 donation to use bot
  • Donation tracker requires monthly fee
  • Launched via desktop program (Windows ONLY)
  • You pick the bot’s name
  • Does NOT filter spam or obscenities
  • Follow, subscription and donation notification and tracking
  • Update stream name and game from client
  • Customizable loyalty points program for viewers
  • Ticket, keyword or auction (via loyalty points) raffles
  • In-program chat with viewer list and customizable features
  • Custom actions for users entering/leaving channel (greet new viewers or announce viewer leaving room)
  • Chat commands can be used to operate bot
  • Custom commands (example: viewer typing !Schedule causes bot to display your schedule in chat)
  • Display timed messages in chat (example: show schedule every hour)
  • Play music via YouTube (requires use of loyalty points system for viewer/mod requests)
  • Betting (with loyalty points)
  • Mini games (with loyalty points)
  • Create polls
  • Create queues (example: create an ordered list of users in line to join your game server)

Overall DeepBot is one of the more customizable chat bots available. However, DeepBot is more focused on social features such as loyalty points systems and mini games your viewers can play. DeepBot does not currently offer any spam or offensive material moderation. DeepBot requires a donation to use, but offers an actual program interface in which to operate. While most of the things DeepBot does can be done elsewhere (and usually for free), there is something to be said for the convenience of having all the features in one slick program. I personally feel DeepBot would benefit medium to large streamers the most (in conjunction with a spam moderation bot). In my experience, DeepBot seemed more responsive than most of the other chat bots when it came to executing commands or raffles and the chat list updated much quicker. DeepBot does require a bit more work to install and configure, for help obtaining and installing DeepBot click HERE.


MooBot Dashboard

MooBot Dashboard

  • Free, however some features require donation to use
  • Launched via browser (some OBS plugins and widgets available)
  • Default bot name is MooBot (custom name costs around $20 per month)
  • Various spam, hyperlink and obscenity filters with custom rules for mods, regulars or new viewers
  • Follow and subscription notification
  • Update stream name and game via chat commands
  • Keyword or user list raffles
  • In-browser chat window
  • Private or in chat notifications when new viewers talk
  • Chat commands can be used to operate bot
  • Custom commands (example: viewer typing !Schedule causes bot to display your schedule in chat)
  • Display timed messages in chat (example: show schedule every hour)
  • Play music via Youtube (hotkey and OBS widget available)
  • Create polls
  • Automatic 24/7 channel hosting (always host popular or set channels to keep channel live)
  • Mods can log in to access bot features easily

MooBot is a great browser based bot. Logging in and authorizing MooBot to enter your chat is a simple process and MooBot’s features are all laid out in a clear, clean display. MooBot has chat overlord features such as spam, hyperlink and obscenity moderation. You can configure MooBot to allow your channel’s “regulars” exemption from certain hyperlink or spam rules. You can also configure your dashboard to display widgets and information relevant to you such as adding an easy access raffle widget. MooBot is technically free but many features such as custom bot names, chat follower notifications and detecting new chatters cost a monthly amount of points. For example: as of the time of this writing, it costs 2490 points per month for a custom bot name. The detecting new chatters feature cost 199 points per month. Buying 2500 points will cost you $25. So MooBot CAN end up being one of the more expensive options if you use all the features, but the basic chat moderation features are free. MooBot would be a good choice for any channel as you can essentially unlock features as your needs grow with your audience. I have encountered some issues with MooBot being a tad bit slow and not registering commands occasionally, but some of that blame may fall on Twitch’s servers at the time. I will update this article if I encounter any more issues.


Nightbot Software

Nightbot Software

  • Free
  • Launched via browser (some OBS plugins and hotkey programs available)
  • Default bot name is Nightbot, unable to change at this time
  • Highly customizable spam, obscenity, hyperlink and caps lock filters with custom rulesets
  • No follow, subscription or donation notifications
  • Update stream name and game via chat commands
  • Random number, user list or question/answer raffles
  • Basic chat window
  • Chat commands can be used to operate bot (this is the preferred method of operation for Nightbot)
  • Custom commands (example: viewer typing !Schedule causes bot to display your schedule in chat)
  • Display timed messages in chat (example: show schedule every hour)
  • Play music via YouTube or SoundCloud (hotkey and OBS widget available)
  • Create polls via chat commands
  • Mods can run bot via chat commands
  • Track moderation channel statistics (weekly or daily timeout, warning, chat lines etc)

Nightbot is a tried and true favorite for chat moderation. Nightbot launches from a browser and has a clean dashboard to use. While Nightbot may be a little slow at times, it offers the most chat policing of the three bot I am writing about. Nightbot is the answer to your hyperlink, obscenities, caps lock, emoticon spam and text wall problems. If there is something that annoys or offends you in chat, chances are Nightbot can be programmed to squash it and boot the offender. Nightbot also stands out from the other two options for being free. You can donate to support the developers, but the bot itself is completely free. Nightbot lacks the frills of some of the other paid feature bots. To get the most out of Nightbot you really have to be comfortable using the chat commands. However, you can never go wrong with free. One other stand out feature is Nightbot’s ability to play music from SoundCloud. Also, being a popular bot, many Twitch viewers are familiar with Nightbot and know how to work some of the features such as the music request feature. Nightbot is a great option for any size channel.


Between DeepBot, MooBot and Nightbot you should have all your needs covered. For most people with busy channels some combination of the three will be the best answer. Either that or using a custom bot. The great thing about Twitch chat being built on IRC is that there is a wealth of info out there on how to customize it. Whatever your decision, I hope this feature breakdown and analysis has helped you decide which bot is right for your channel (if any). For those that are curious, I currently use a mixture of DeepBot and MooBot. With all these bot features I think it’s easy to go overboard with the bots and I want to leave you with one bit of caution: viewers come to your channel to see YOU and to see the games. Don’t let the bots take over your chat completely and interfere with your audience interaction. Just because you can have a bot welcome someone to your channel, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try to welcome them as well. I know it may sound like silly advice to some of you, but I can’t tell you how many times I go into a channel on Twitch and see a bot hogging the chat with games and greetings. I personally feel some of the bot features can be distracting. So use the bots wisely.  Also, be vigilant for the bot uprising, we don’t need a Skynet scenario on our hands.

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