What is Deepbot?

There are many Twitch bots that streamers can use, but Deepbot is one that really stands out to me.  In addition to the normal moderation features, Deepbot boasts an entire suite of utilities and integrations to really bring your stream to the next level.  I could write an entire novel on Deepbot and the many features it offers, but I figured it might just be easier to show you instead.  Flip through the gallery below and see for yourself some of what Deepbot has to offer.

How do I get Deepbot?

Downloading and installing Deepbot is easier than ever now.  Deepbot requires a small fee ($10) up front and an additional $5 per month if you wish to use the enhanced VIP features such as Follow, Sub and Donation alerts.  There are plenty of free and freemium bots out there that offer some of the features Deepbot offers, but I’ve yet to find one as comprehensive and frequently updated at Deepbot.  I use Deepbot’s VIP version because it allows me to consolidate various services all into one spot.

To get Deepbot:

  1. Head to http://deepbot.deep.sg/services and connect your Twitch account.
  2. Select either the standard beta license or the VIP license.
  3. After signing up and registering, you will be able to download the client from http://deepbot.deep.sg/signup/download
  4. You can now install Deepbot.  A more detailed installation guide can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KFpFDRav6O0

What should I do next?

Once you have Deepbot up and running, I would configure your points system first on the main tab.  You can set various multipliers for your different ranks of viewers and choose how many points people gain while you are live.  You can even allow for points to be accrued offline.  I would go into the Master Settings tab and check out the “General Options” and configure those however you like.  The “User Ranks” and “Integrations” tabs in the “Master Settings” are also important tabs to configure.  Once you get those set to your liking, I would look into the various Stream Interaction, Moderation and Channel Commands.

Some useful commands that I use:

  • !tag – Shows my gamertag for Xbox and PS4
  • !steam – Shows a link to my Steam profile
  • !highlights – Links my Twitch replays
  • !rules – Links my channel rules via Pastebin
  • !uptime – Displays how long I have been live using the “@uptime@” target

There are tons of commands you can set up.  To see the various custom command variables you can use, head here: http://wiki.deepbot.tv/custom_commands

I hope this helps anyone who might be interested in setting up Deepbot.  I’ve been using Deepbot for over a year now and am more than happy to use their VIP features and further support the development of what I consider to be one of the best Twitch tools around.  If you’d like to play around with some more advanced features and integrations, I recommend checking out my OBS Remote tutorial.

Enjoy! If you have any thoughts or feedback, feel free to respond in the comments as always.

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